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Clean Energy

Pratt’s commitment to the environment extends far beyond our pledge to produce 100 percent recycled paper and packaging. The first of our four planned clean energy plants has been operational since 2009 at our Conyers, Georgia Campus, following three years of design and construction.

Every day, this state-of-the-art Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier:

Converts 780 tons of previously landfilled materials – including residues from our own paper-making operations – into renewable energy. Pratt Industries believes passionately in landfill avoidance as landfills generate more greenhouse gases than all of global aviation.

Generates 7 megawatts of electricity and 100% off the steam required to power our manufacturing processes; it supplies 220,000 lbs of steam per hour to the Conyers campus.

Displaces 245 tons of greenhouse gas emissions – thereby reducing the company’s carbon footprint even further – and yours.

The Conyers’ facility is capable of gasifying a large mix of solid biofuels – currently the fuels are rejects from the paper mill manufacturing process and other non-wood materials (about 60%), and unadulterated construction and green wood wastes (about 40%).

The majority of these fuels were entering Atlanta area landfills or being burned at different construction sites throughout the metro Atlanta area. As well, ferrous, non-ferrous metals and PVC are removed from the residues prior to gasification. The metals are sold to other end-use processors.

Since the clean energy plant became operational, two natural gas-fired boilers on site have been idled. As well, water conservation is achieved by eliminating steam venting and embedded electrical generation has reduced our demand on the local power grid by about 30%, thereby dramatically reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

We’ve committed to building three similar plants over the ensuing decade as part of our 2007 pledge to the Clinton Global Initiative to invest $1 billion in recycling and clean energy infrastructure in pursuing environmental excellence.